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Traditional Slovak folk dances and modern choreographies, attractive to every viewer

I’ve made a dozen of modern and stylized Slovak folklore dance choreographies. In general, they are based and inspired by Slovak traditions and their traditional dances, mostly from Vojvodina region (located in Serbia/EU), and a few dances from Slovakia (EU) and its regions. Dances have already been performed several times in several countries, with always satisfied audience.

Currently, I have a great dancing crew prepared to perform almost one hour dance show. Meanwhile, we are also preparing new dances and choreographies for the upcoming season.

We like to travel, meet different kinds of people, visit new countries and perform at various events and festivals, and we are always open to any kind of cooperation, partnership or sponsorship. So please, do not hesitate, write us your proposal.

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Latest performances

Tichá noc svätá noc (Silent Night in Slovak)

YouTube Video

Vocals: Folklore ensemble from Kovacica
Evangelical version of the song Silent Night Holy Night
Christmas Song
Christmas in Kovacica 2018

Tichá noc, svätá noc.
Usnula zem celá,
dvaja len bdejú v Betleheme;
v jasliach Dieťa tam utešené
tíško, spokojne spí…


Slovak traditional Easter – Oblievačke Kovačica 2018

Slovak folklore ensemble V šírom poli hruška from Kovačica (Serbia) is showing how they douse girls with ice water on Easter Monday and how they keep this ancient tradition still alive and unforgettable.

Traditional Easter in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and some parts of Hungary

The festivities occur on Easter Monday, the day after Easter, or Veľká noc, which translates to “big night” (signifying Christ’s resurrection) in Slovak. In keeping with Slovakian folk tradition, men and boys douse women and girls with ice water, supposedly to preserve or invigorate their health (the science gets spotty here). In return, the girls reward the guys with dyed eggs and a shot of booze.

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